Here is a list of some of the updates that have been added to the site:

Date: Update Description:
25, Apr, 2017
The menus were updated to be expandable, so that you can go between pages in different sections more easily, and without having to load other pages along the way.
08, Dec, 2016
The Parallel Turns page was updated, and a new Parallel Skiing page was added. Both pages use new 3D graphics to show things more clearly and in more detail than was previously possible.
25, Oct, 2016
The website was updated to use a responsive web layout, so that it will display optimally on any device from smart phones to tablets and desktops. It also prepares the website for adding new content.
12, Jun, 2016
To show some of the improvement work that is in progress, a development section was added to the site at
04, Mar, 2015
The Ski Clothing page was updated to include more detailed information, and new graphics.
10, Jan, 2015
The Snowboarders page was updated to better reflect the current differences between skiing and snowboarding.
03, Jan, 2015
The Terminology page was updated to be more structured, and include more terms.
03, Nov, 2014
The description on the Parallel Turns page was improved.

As this website is being made in my spare time, updates may become more or less frequent at times. There are also a couple of large projects being worked on which will take a while to complete, but once they are ready new content should be a lot quicker to make.

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