Feedback Information

The information from the page feedback forms is used to workout which pages need to be improved the most, and in which way they can be improved. As well as giving overall views of the site so that it can be seen better what people like or want. The multiple choice answers provide an easy way to compare lots of feedback in different ways, whereas the comments generally provide more specific information about what people like, dislike, find helpful, would like to see more of and so on.

From the feedback it can be seen if people are finding it hard to understand what is written on a page, how well the graphics help the explanation, how much detail users want to see, how much users learn from a page, and what features they would like to see more of or enhanced. It is very important to see both what user like and dislike to be able to workout the best ways to improve the site.

When a user submits feedback no personally identifiable information is kept by No extra information other than recording the date and time is entered into the feedback database. reserves the right to use the feedback data however it sees fit, including publishing it on the internet. At present the data analysis part of the site remains restricted, but reports could be published to show how decisions for improvements have been made, or what features users learn the most through.

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