How To Use This Website

This website is intended to be used in conjunction with ski lessons to teach people to ski. The website teaches the mechanics of skiing and its manoeuvres, showing all the steps in manoeuvres and why they are important. Ski lessons are the best way to train your body to perform the manoeuvres, using suitable exercises. For people who want to learn to ski, the website is intended to be used before they go skiing, to learn about skiing equipment and what skiing involves with the theory of skiing's mechanics and manoeuvres, and then in the evenings while having ski lessons, to see how the excercises they have done fit into skiing technique. For people who can already ski well, the website is a source of information that can let them try to workout some of the mistakes they are still making, and see how their skiing could improve. The theory side of skiing that this website explains, is often overlooked, yet it can make a large difference when learning to ski.

How the Website is Written

The website is written so that to know about skiing properly you need to start at the start and read through to the end. You will then learn about the equipment used first, then about the mechanics that govern the skis, then about the ski techniques used with skiing and how skiing is actually performed. Finishing off with other useful information on snow and weather conditions, and some advice on how to approach skiing in real life.


Every page in the website has links to other pages that are relevant to it's content, for anyone who has not already read them, or wants to read them again. Unless someone already has a good knowledge of the physics used in skiing though, they might not understand some pages without having read the sections before. If someone follows a link and wants to know exactly what is happening in what the link is for, the chances are they will follow links all the way back to the first page on skis to find out.

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